Be a part of the Chicago Street Theatre tradition! Come and audition with us on April 20 at 2pm!



by William Shakespeare

Directed by Barbara Baker Malangoni

Assistant Director: Daena Sisk

Auditions will be held April 20 at 2pm. Note: This is not the full Shakespearean script but rather an abridged script.

After receiving a prophecy of his future kingship from three witches, and coerced by his scheming wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan, but he is increasingly oppressed by the guilt of his crime in this darkest of Shakespearian tragedies. One of his most powerful works, Shakespeare’s Scottish play exposes the corrosive psychological and political effects produced when evil is chosen as a way to fulfill the ambition for power.

All parts available to all actors aged 18 and up

The Weyard Sisters (Two Roles available) Female 18+ Must dance. Moderate choreography for the show. Auditioners  will be required to learn a routine and dance at auditions as well as read. Wear applicable clothing to move comfortably.

Duncan (King of Scotland) /Soldier/Murderer #2 (Male 35+/ three roles)

Malcolm (Prince, son of Duncan)/ Fleance (son of Banquo) Male: 18+ (two roles--a younger-looking actor is optimum)

Macduff (Thane of Fife) Male 40+ (one role)

Ross (Thane, noble, warrior) Male or Female 25+

Lennox (Thane, noble, warrior) Male or Female 25+

Macbeth (Thane of Glamis, Cawdor, later King of Scotland) Male 35+

Banquo (Thane, noble, warrior) Male 35+

Lady Macbeth (later Queen of Scotland) Female 30+

Porter/Murderer #1/Lady-in Waiting Female 25+ (three roles)

Lady Macduff/Doctor Female 20+ (two roles)

Those auditioning are strongly encouraged to memorize one of the following monologues. Other scripts for readings will be available at auditions.

Lady MacBeth