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Next to Normal by Brian Yorkey & Tom Kitt
Open Auditions – SATURDAY, MARCH 2 – 2:30-4:30 pm &
MONDAY, MARCH 4 – 7:30-9:30 pm
Callbacks – TUESDAY, MARCH 5 – 7:30-9:00 pm

Must be at least 18 years old to audition


Director – Michael Glorioso

Assistant Director – Ashleigh Happer

Musical Director – Katelyn Leonard-White


Cast Requirements: 10 Roles – 2 female/3 male/1 either + 4 ensemble/understudy


Next to Normal is the story of Diana Goodman and her family. Traumatized by a death, Diana has lived with bipolar depressive disorder and delusional episodes for the past seventeen years. The illness has affected everyone in her life and has nearly torn her family apart on several occasions. With subject matter rendered achingly recognizable by Brian Yorkey, and a dynamic, energetic pop-rock score by Tom Kitt, Next to Normal is a show that enables a small group of actors to showcase powerhouse vocals while exploring pressing contemporary issues of trauma, loss, mental health treatment, and the meaning of family.


Director’s ConceptI once heard it is unnatural for a parent to bury a child and this is what is happening in the show. This unnatural event caused a shift and break, not only in the parents, but in the family unit. The child left behind has the need to make up for the loss and be everything the missing child never got to be. The father, trying to hold the family unit together the best he can, overlooks the real issues and, in return, creates new problems and breaks. The mother, who loses a piece of herself, struggles with the guilt and reality of forgetting that the ones left behind still need her. I want to play the dynamic of mental health and loss. Also, playing the concept of medicine is not always the answer and loss needs to be talked about not hidden. Through this discussion of loss, although not fully repaired, one can accept and not have just the appearance of happiness.


DIANA (female/30-45/Soprano-Vocal range top: F#5 Vocal range bottom: G3) a housewife who, from the outside, would seem as if she ‘has it all’ but, Diana suffers from bipolar disorder, which keeps her from living her life fully. She begins to become delusional and live in a world that goes back and forth between reality and fantasy. Diana wants to move forward with her life, but she is unable to do so because her past haunts her. The trauma caused by past losses has produced distant relationships between her and both her husband and her daughter. Diana and Natalie do not have a real bond or connection because Natalie feels that she is invisible in her mother’s eyes. Diana and Dan do not have a strong marriage because they do not support each other when they encounter in an emotional conflict. As time passes, she feels more isolated, and her bipolar disorder worsens. Diana strives to at least become “next to normal”, but in all actuality the reality that has developed over the years is not normal at all.


DAN(male/30-45/Baritone/Tenor Developed Falsetto/Vocal range top: G5 Vocal range bottom: G3) the husband of Diana and the father of Natalie and Gabe. He is a man that wants nothing more than for his family to be normal. As a husband, he is protective, worried, and stressed; as a result, he can be selfish and even passive aggressive. Dan tries to keep his household together the best he can, but in reality, it doesn’t turn out the way he wants, and he realizes that he has little control over his destiny. Still, he chooses to stay with Diana and give her whatever support he can.


NATALIE(female/18-30/Soprano/High Alto with a very Strong Belt!/Vocal range top: C5 Vocal range bottom: B2) Diana and Dan’s daughter, and Gabe’s sister. She is a teenage girl basically just trying to find herself. Dealing with her mother’s mental illness, she is on an emotional roller coaster which she doesn’t know how to get off. At times, Natalie just wants to get away from all of it but doesn’t know how. She is eager to leave and start her life and to stop feeling like a shadow at her own house.


GABE(male/18-30/Tenor/Vocal range top: C5 Vocal range bottom: B2) the son of Diana and Dan, and brother of Natalie. Toward the beginning of the play, Gabe comes off as daring and rebellious. He is somewhat rude and flippant when it comes to the other characters. The only character for whom he ever shows any affection is his mother, Diana. Because of this, the two are very close. Gabe is in some ways on the periphery of the action of the play, and, paradoxically, also central to the dramatic conflict and resolution.


HENRY(male/18-30/Baritone/Tenor/Vocal range top: B4 Vocal range bottom: G#2) a teenage musician who is clearly interested in, and perhaps in love with, Natalie. His role in the story is the love interest for Natalie, and he is also an important outlet for her feelings about her family and her mother’s illness.


DR. FINE/DR. MADDEN(either/25-45/Baritone/Tenor/Alto/Vocal range top: A4 Vocal range bottom: A2) Diana’s primary physician through the action of the play. They attempt to reach her through a variety of treatment methods and, during their relationship, s/he unearths crucial family secrets. They are easygoing and ‘hip,’ and in Diana’s mind they assume the role of a rock star, providing excitement and fulfilling fantasies. In reality, they are a proficient doctor, clearly concerned for the welfare of their patient and her family.


This show will also have a cast of understudies that will be used as pit singers the nights they are not needed for the show. If you are interested in being considered for an understand role, please indicate it on your audition form.

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