Saturday, August 4

Book and Lyrics by George Reinblatt
Music by Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla, Melissa Morris & George Reinblatt
directed by Mike Glorioso
music direction by Lee Meyer

A fun-loving musical parody of Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead films.

Evening performances on Oct 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 21, 25, 26, 27, and a matinee on Oct 14. 

Please prepare 16 measures of a rock song or from a rock musical.  Auditioners will also give cold readings from the play.

Adults only. Age 18+


Character List

Ash: Male, 21-30. Ideally, bears some physical resemblance to Bruce Campbell, star of the “Evil Dead” movies with sharp features, with the swagger and cockiness of Bruce Campbell's "Ash”. Our young and gallant hero, he can also play the uneasy wimp. Many physical stage stunts required, such as tumbling, combat, rolling and smashing breakables on his head. Broadway baritone / tenor who can hit an A. 

Shelly: Female, 20-30. Scott’s somewhat trampy and dim-witted girlfriend. Comfortable in skimpy clothing. Great comic timing. Mezzo- Soprano/Alto

Annie: Female, 20-30  Daughter of Professor Knowby. An archeologist in the Tia Carrere/”Relic Hunter” vein. Singing voice: comfortable mezzo-soprano.

Cheryl: Female, 18-25. Ash’s homely sister. FUNNY! Quiet and reserved, she later transforms into a deadly, jive-talking zombie. Excellent comic timing and very skilled. Actor must also be comfortable in confined spaces. Funky urban singing voice a la Beyoncé or Alicia Keys — a little bit of soul.

Scott: Male, 21-30. Handsome in frat boy way. Ash’s potty-mouth best friend. Solid comic performer. Very similar to Steve Stiffler from “American Pie” movies. Jerk but you love to hang out with him. Tenor.

Linda: 19-25. Ash’s beautiful girlfriend. Very beautiful in girl-next-door kind of way. Classic features. Über-Girlfriend. Also becomes zombie, req. strong “undead” character voice. Singing voice: balladic soprano.

Jake: Male, 21-40. Trailer-park hick who helps find lost cabin. Character actor w/strong facial expressions who can give comic life to back-water hick who is regular, reliable guy. Backwoods yokel. Funny! Funny! Strong comic performer who can speak trailer park slang. B'way baritone. Strong singer in Meatloafy kind of way. Needs to move well.

Ed / Evil Moose: Male, 21-30. Annie’s archeologist boyfriend. Must be able to deliver strong comic performance w/out saying anything, as Annie always cuts him off@1st syllable whenever he attempts to speak—that is, until his big number. Actor also plays Moose Head hung on wall when it becomes possessed by Candarian demon. Singing voice: commanding bass; also must be able to sing w/fun “moose” voice.