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The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow
Open Auditions – DECEMBER 9 – 12:30-2:00 pm
Callbacks – DECEMBER 12 – 7:30-9:00 pm


Directed by Mel Burns-Henry & Dona Henry


This exceptional ensemble piece is seeking four ridiculously talented actors to play over 150 characters. British, Scottish & German dialect work will be a part of the ensemble.


Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit.  This two-time Tony and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of four), an onstage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers, and some good old-fashioned romance.


Richard Hannay  – A typical, handsome bachelor living the typical, handsome bachelor life… until he gets caught up in a ring of spies and a shocking murder. Now, it’s a race against time to clear his name, and stop a deadly secret from leaving the country. Not easy to do, especially when he’s quite literally shackled to another person.


Pamela/Margaret/Annabella/Radio Announcer – all four roles played by the same person.
Pamela – A down-to-earth and somewhat plain gal who shies away from adventure. Unfortunately, adventure finds her when Richard Hannay stumbles into her train compartment and drags her into the middle of his whirlwind flight from a dangerous ring of spies. Handcuffed to the worst man imaginable is no way to spend a vacation.
Annabella – A drop-dead gorgeous femme fatale who tries to enlist Hannay’s help in stopping a ring of spies from taking a secret out of the country. Unfortunately, she drops dead from a knife in the back. Landing Hannay in quite the heap of trouble.
Margaret – A humble, lovely, Scottish farm girl who takes Hannay in when he has nowhere else to go. Some sparks fly, but so does her husband’s temper. Not to mention the police.
Radio Announcer – provides pithy updates on the status of fugitive Richard Hannay and his run from the police. The news never sleeps, you know!


Clown 1 & Clown 2 – Versatile roles  that will require the wearing of several hats. Literally. Clown 1 and Clown 2 fill every single role except the main ones and must come to the show prepared for anything!

Script Sides

The 39 Steps Audition Selections

Scene #3 – Hannay & Annabella

Scene #13 – Hannay & Margaret at Crafter’s Cottage

Scene #21 – Dunwoody & McQuarrie & Hannay

Scene #25 – Hannay & Pamela on the Moors

Scene #26 – Hannay, Pamela, Clowns at McGarrigle

Scene #28 – McGarrigle Lobby with Clowns

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