What the Butler Saw

By Joe Orton
Directed by Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano
Assistant Director: Marcia Gienapp
Oct. 14 - Oct. 29, 2011 | Now Closed


When a psychiatrist tries to seduce an innocent secretary on her first job interview, his botched efforts lead to complete bedlam involving his nymphomaniac wife, a randy bellhop, and a befuddled police officer. Filled with comedic twists, impossible coincidences, and nutty dialogue, Orton's farce renders side-splitting laughter leading to a crazy climactic conclusion.


  • Dan Matern as Dr. Prentice
  • Kelley Weisenbacher as Geraldine Barclay
  • Peyton Daley as Mrs. Prentice
  • Matt Hummel as Nicholas Beckett
  • Andy Urschel as Dr. Rance
  • David Pera as Sgt. Match