The Less Than Human Club

March 1 - 9, 2013 | Now Closed
by Timothy Mason
Directed by Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano and Kathleen Erny

Recommended for middle school, teens, AND adults!

Even though this show features our teen ensemble, it’s not just for kids! Both this production and The Graduate (coming in April) offer a nostalgic look back at the late 1960s.

THE STORY: The unexpected arrival of a postcard plunges Davis into his vivid memories of 1968 -- a wildly turbulent year in both his high school and in the U.S. In the throes of navigating complex relationships, racial tensions, crises of sexual identity, and self-worth, Davis and his friends search for purpose in a society struggling through its own weighty issues. While school dances mark milestones in their high school careers, tensions bubbling up in the U.S. are increasingly mirrored in their lives, until an explosion seems imminent. A moving exploration of the often comical absurdities of teenage life in the midst of the heartbreaking realities of a changing world. 


  • Gareth Kaye as Davis Daniels
  • Jonah Simon as Clinton Armstrong
  • Anthony Majewski as Harley DeYoung
  • Auriel Lark Felsecker as Amanda Denney
  • Mitch Paxton as Dan Dwyer
  • Chloe Hoeksema as Julie Nyquist
  • Hanna Standerski as Kirsten Sabo
  • Zhuri Bryant as Melissa Armstrong
  • Ensemble: Juna Johnson, Delaney Nava, Kait Sarver, Ethan Zell

Opening Night Party after the show on Friday, March 1. Enjoy light refreshments and mingle with the cast.  Hosted at The South Bend Chocolate Company.