Snow White

August 31 - September 9, 2012 Sold Out | Now Closed
Adapted by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Kelley Weisenbacher and Mary Bird

A delightful retelling of the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale with an exuberant spirit. 
This classic children's story is a perfect treat for both children and adults.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well, we all know the reply to that, and soon we're caught up in the spell of this enchanting classic. The vain and wicked Queen seeks to destroy her rival in beauty. The Dwarfs are obstinate, generous, mean, kind, and totally appealing. The Prince is a true Prince, sometimes foolish, always brave, and Snow White is as lovely and lovable as legend says. 

Brunch with Snow White
Enjoy brunch with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Strongbows on Saturday, September 1 at 11 am and then catch the matinee at 2:30 pm at Chicago Street.  


  • The Mirror - Megan Lothamer
  • Snow White - Auriel Lark Felsecker
  • The Queen - Andrea Bertsch
    • Her Alter-Egos:
    • An Old Peasant Woman - Megan Maar
    • A Young Princess - Brittany Brice
    • A Witch - Patricia Schulz
    • The Huntsman/The Prince - Mitch Paxton
  • The Seven Dwarfs:
  • Grumpy - Joey Lavalley
  • Sleepy - Elijah John Sabourin
  • Happy - Mallory Gall
  • Dopey - Trey Erny
  • Bashful - Nathaniel W. Wasko
  • Doc - Connor Boren
  • Sneezy - Nathan Kirk
  • The Queen's Minions - Eden Roberts, Laney Roberts, Xavier Roberts
  • Woodland Animals - Madeline Rearick, Ruthann Marfoe, Tegan Werner