Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Adapted for the Stage by John Olive | Based on the Book Series by Louis Sachar
Directed by Kari-Anne Innes

MARCH 2 - 17, 2018 | Now Closed

FAMILY FUN: You can imagine the confusion at Wayside School when the builder made a terrible mistake. Instead of building 30 classrooms side by side, he built them one on top of another. Perhaps this accounts for all the wacky goings-on in Mrs. Jewls’ class where children are being turned into apples or dead rats wearing raincoats, and little girls are trying to sell their toes. Based on the best selling book series by Louis Sachar, these Sideways Stories are a ridiculously good time for the entire family.

Sideways Cast:
Mrs. Gorf: Jakob Innes
Myron: Zeke Bloom
Bebe: Karlie Mann
Leslie: Alexandria Shoppa
Rondi: Sophia Urschel
Dameon: Jack Reichert
Louis: Carter Stoner
Mr. Kidswatter: Asher Knauff
Mrs. Jewels: Katie Golding
Sammy: Brody Jordan
Student and Pigtail 1: Tulip Saavedra
Student and Pigtail 2: Wolfie Saavedra
Mrs. Zarves: Meg Bell
Mr. Pickle: Zoe Irving
Miss Valoosh: Aleksandra Ramon
Mr. Gorf: Nathan Stoner
Miss Mush: Natalie Parker 

Wayside Cast:

Mrs. Gorf: Donna Rowland
Myron: Julian Cruz
Bebe: Cadence Orange
Leslie: Mia Rettew
Rondi: Katherine Stalmah
Dameon: Ty VanBenthuysen
Louis: Benjamin Rosenberger
Mr. Kidswatter: Tyler Stump
Mrs. Jewels: June Saavedra
Sammy: Michael Thomas
Student and Pigtail 1: Aira Robinson-Ryzewski
Student and Pigtail 2: Asher Knauff
Miss Zarves:  Denise Woodside Murray
Mr. Pickle: Tony Thomas
Miss Valoosh: Rea Robinson
Mr. Gorf: Jason Kaplan
Miss Mush: Amber Jordan