Scary Godmother

by Jill Thompson and Heath Corson
based on the series of children's books and comic books
directed by Dona Henry and Kelly Hite
Oct 17 – Nov 1, 2014 Now Closed.
in the Edith B. Wood Studio (upstairs at Chicago Street). Accessibility is limited.*

It's Halloween night and it's up to Scary Godmother to show one little girl just how much fun spooky can be. Meet Hannah Marie, who, with the help of Scary Godmother, stands up to her mean-spirited cousin Jimmy and her fear of monsters on her first Halloween adventure with the big kids. Later, Hannah joins forces with Orson, the vampire boy, to unravel a mystery near and dear to their hearts. Some of Scary Godmother's closest (and most frightful) pals get in on the fun too, including Bug-A-Boo, Harry, and Skully Pettibone.


  • Hailey Stemple as Hannah
  • Jakob Innes as Jimmy
  • Eden Roberts as Katie
  • Connor Phutawon as Bert
  • Michael Thomas as Daryl
  • Brittany Brice as Scary Godmother
  • Laney Roberts as Boozle
  • Lee Anne Bettenhausen as Bug-A-Boo
  • Rodney Thornton as Count Max
  • Mary Bird as Ruby
  • Xavier Roberts as Orson
  • Matthew Klemm as Harry
  • Elli Bezotte as Skully

*The Edith B. Wood Studio (upstairs at Chicago Street). Accessibility is limited. You must climb stairs to the 2nd floor. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope someday to have an elevator!