Pale Dream

by Matt Pera | directed by Traci Brant

January 27- February 11, 2017 | Now closed.

NEW DRAMA: Two brothers, once united by their love of film and the desire to make movies together, have become estranged as their paths diverge toward lives neither of them imagined. When their father becomes sick, they must face each other and consider who it is they’ve become, and who they could have been. Chicago Street Theatre is proud to present this edgy new work penned by one of our own members.

For mature audiences only.  Contains adult content. If you are a sensitive viewer, please ask box office for details.

Opening Night Party: Fri, Jan 27 at Main+Lincoln


  • Dean Perrine as Doug Fisher
  • Matt McCann as his brother, Russ
  • David Pera as their father, John, and Stanley, a talk show host
  • Barbara Malangoni as their mother, Joyce
  • River Perrine as Chip, a teenage friend of Doug's, and a form