Nancy Drew: Girl Detective

based on the books by Caroyln Keene | adapted by Marisha Chamberlain | directed by Kari-Anne Innes
March 4 - 13, 2016 | Now closed.

Audiences young and young-at-heart will love this all new mystery featuring the world’s most famous teenage sleuth based on the best-selling book series! River Heights has another mystery on its hands and this time it’s at the Footlighter’s Barn Theater! Leander Van Pelt has died and rumors fly about a secret cache of jewels hidden on his estate. On top of it all, a mysterious ghost is haunting the theater and it’s up to Nancy Drew to find the gems, figure out who’s frightening everyone, and how the show will ever go on without their lead actress. 

Generously sponsored by:  JBH PRODUCTIONS and IVY BOUTIQUE

The Cast

  • Nancy Drew: Megan Bentley
  • Carson Drew: Dennis Murray
  • Miss Willoughby/Tammi Whitlock: Riley O'Neil
  • Hamilton Spencer: Joshua Ganz
  • Margo Spencer: Angela Wehner
  • Emily Spencer: Julia Michaels
  • Bob Simpson: Brian Kogut
  • George Fayne: Britt Brice
  • Bess Marvin: Caitlyn Fields
  • Ned Nickerson: Kyle Kristoff
  • Emmet "Cally" Calhoun: Tony Thomas
  • Chief McGinnis: Lisa Davison
  • Bushy Trott: Michael Thomas
  • Tom Tozzle: Elijah Sanbourin
  • Yvonne: Mallory Gall
  • Phyllis: Abby Hazlett
  • Ivy: Jillian Davison
  • Ulric: Connor Phutawon
  • Otto: Nathan Kirk
  • Jamie: Sophie Burns
  • Ballerina puppet/featured dancer: Amanda Gardin
  • Witch puppet/featured dancer: Paloma Calvin
  • Harlequin puppet/featured dancer: Elli Bezotte
  • Nancy Drew puppet/featured dancer: Gracie Ault

Based on the book series NANCY DREW: GIRL DETECTIVE
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