book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan  |  music and lyrics by Mel Brooks
directed by Zachary Gipson  |  music direction by Jeff Otto
co-produced with Ensemble Theatre Company

Oct 9 - Nov 1, 2015 | Now closed.

Don’t miss the show so monstrously big that it needs two theatre companies to pull it off! CST is pleased to partner with Ensemble Theatre Company to bring audiences the all-new, tap-dancing, show-stopping Broadway musical Young Frankenstein. Based on the 1974 classic comedy, audiences will delight in an old favorite brought to new life!

Fri, Oct 9: Opening Night Party at Martinis

The Cast 

  • Scott Hayes as The Monster
  • Justin Williams and Zachary Gipson as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (alternating)
  • Sheree Wheeler-Gudemanas as Elizabeth Benning
  • Craig Golbesky as Igor
  • Rachel Livingston as Inga
  • Dan Matern as Ziggy 
  • Bob Penney as the Blind Hermit
  • Mary Kay Steele as Frau Blücher
  • Matthew Byerly as Inspector Hans Kemp
  • Jeff Otto as Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein 
  • Ensemble: Erin Shields, Kimerly Buslon, Amy Stepanek, Kristen Hasselgren, Andrea Bertsch, Mark McColley, Brandon Hagerman, Kathryn Jankowski, Brandon Berk, Trisha Sabocik

The Production Team

  • Director, Choreographer, and Scenic Designer: Zachary Gipson
  • Vocal and Musical Director: Jeff Otto
  • Assistant Director: Emily Chidalek
  • Stage Manager: Adrienne Lineback
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Tom Shileds
  • Assistant Choreographer: Amy Hubbard
  • Guest Choreographer: Steve Love
  • Lighting Designer: Bob Cooley
  • Technical Director: Marty Weisenbacher
  • Assistant Scenic Designer: Jonathan Mesich
  • Projection Designer: Rocco A. Ayala
  • Projection Engineer: Scotty Patrick