DATE: December 15, 2019
TIME: 2:30 pm
LOCATION: Valparaiso, IN
VENUE: Chicago Street Theatre
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever December 15, 2019

Barbara Robinson

Directed by
Dona Henry and Kelly Hite

In this hilarious Christmas classic, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids, probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won’t believe the mayhem and the fun when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!

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  • SUN 15-Dec-2019 2:30 PM


Read-thru is Monday, September 30, 7 pm at The Tech Building- 1150 W. Lincolnway, Door B, West side, Third Floor, Valparaiso, IN 46383.
Please call CST 219-464-1636, exr. 1 with any questions.

Grace (Mom): Stephanie Naumoff (Valparaiso)

Grace (Mom): Caroline Rau (Valparaiso)

Bob (Dad): Jim Drader (Valparaiso)

Rev. Hopkins: Craig Nordstrom (Beverly Shores)

Mrs. Armstong: Denise Woodside Murray (Valparaiso)

Mrs. Clausing: Linda Didelot (Chesterton)

Mrs. McCarthy, Donna Rowland (Chesterton)

Mrs. Slocum: Patricia Schulz (Valparaiso)

Mrs. Clark: Mary Jo Nuland (Valparaiso)

Firewoman: Savanna Wright (Valparaiso)

Firewoman: Riley O’Neil (Valparaiso)

Beth: Savannah White (Valparaiso)

Charlie: Xavier Roberts (Valparaiso)

Ralph: Luke Richardson (Valparaiso)

Imogene: Josephine Pals (Valparaiso)

Leroy: Jude Richardson (Valparaiso)

Claude: Reed Richardson (Valparaiso)

Ollie: Port Zimmer (Valparaiso)

Gladys: Vaughn Frye (Valparaiso)

Alice: Mary Sabourin (Chesterton)

Maxine: Katherine Stalmah (Valparaiso)

Elmer: Drew Bishop (Valparaiso)

Hobie: Cole Seramur (Valparaiso)

David: Connor Donahue (Valparaiso)

Shirley – Baby Angel: Eden Frederick (Valparaiso)

Juanita – Baby Angel: Presley Frederick (Valparaiso)

Doris – Angel Choir: Libby Vatthaver (Valparaiso)

Beverly – Angel Choir: Nikomis Noonan

Baby Angel: Lyra Jaso (Valparaiso)

Baby Angel: Soli Rowell (Valparaiso)

Baby Angel: Valerie Donahue (Valparaiso)

Baby Angel: Christine Gore (Valparaiso)

Baby Angel: Clara Pancini (Valparaiso)

Shepherd: Audrey Donahue (Valparaiso)

Shepherd: Liam Zimmer (Valparaiso)

Shepherd: Helena Pancini (Valparaiso)

Shepherd: Ben Rupp (Valparaiso)

Shepherd: Bartholomew Gore (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Cali Frederick (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Malaia Frederickk (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Harry McMurtry (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Anaia Rupp (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Jane Geer (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Emma Hubbard (Valparaiso)

Angel Choir: Josie Jurasevich (Valparaiso)

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