by Michael Hollinger | directed by Jason Utesch, Assisted by Lori Utesch

May 19- June 3, 2017 | Now Closed

COMEDY: Welcome to the Dark Ages in Priseaux, France, where everything is really, really bad and the monastery's patron saint hasn't worked a miracle in thirteen years. Threatened by the success of a rival church and a visit from the Pope, a group of desperate monks look to a shady, one-eyed minstrel, to teach them outrageous ways to make their own miracles. 

The Story:

 The river flooded again last week. The chandler's shop just burned to the ground. Nobody's heard of the wheelbarrow yet. And Ste. Foy, the patron of the local monastery, hasn't worked a miracle in thirteen years. In other words, the Dark Ages still look pretty dark. All eyes turn to the Pope, whose promised visit will surely encourage other pilgrims to make the trek and restore the abbey to its former glory. That is, until a rival church claims to possess the relics of Ste. Foy—and "their" bones are working miracles. All seems lost until the destitute monks take a lesson from a larcenous one-eyed minstral, who teaches them an outrageous new way to pay old debts.

"A lightning-fast farce, rich in both verbal and physical humor."

—American Theatre

. "Everything fits snugly in this funny, endearing black comedy. Hollinger understands how to balance verbal and physical humor, how to sketch personality in a few deft strokes, how to pause here and there to allow his audience to catch its breath, how to bring on a new character at just the right time, and how to write dialogue that's an artful blend of the mock-formal and the anachronistically breezy. A piece of remarkably dexterous craftsmanship." —Philadelphia Inquirer

"A farcical romp, scintillating and irreverent." — Philadelphia Weekly.

Opening Night Party: Fri, May 19 at Bon Femme Café


  • Charles: Donald Beck
  • Martin:  Darren Serhal
  • Peasant Woman:  Denise Murray
  • Olf:  Dean Johanson
  • Felix:  Eddie Castle
  • Jack:  Rodney Thornton
  • Marie:  Angela Wehner
  • Agatha:  Luanne Pezel