“Chicago Street Theatre has played an integral part in our lives for the past nine years. Our son has grown by leaps and bounds through their classes and productions, not just as an actor but also personally.  Miss Lisa truly cares for each of her students. She lovingly pushes them toward excellence, and encourages teamwork, self-discipline and respect. We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the positive influence Chicago Street has had on our child. I would highly recommend their programs to anyone.”

Molly S., Chesterton

“The CST program is where my daughter met her best friends, who became her theatre family.  She found acceptance and was able to express herself in a fun, safe environment.  The classes impacted her life so much that she is now going to college to pursue a career in theatre.  Lisa is not only a teacher, but a mentor and a friend.”

-Lynette O., Westville

“We feel incredibly fortunate to have Chicago Street Theatre’s excellent educational programs available for children in our community. We love that our own two children have increased their confidence in expressing themselves, have broadened their imagination and communication skills, have learned about people of different backgrounds, have been exposed to great literature, and all in a fun, safe environment. Thanks for all that you do, CST!”

-Patti & Jim K., Valparaiso

“My grandson, Trey, showed signs of natural talent when, in preschool, he performed in the Montessori Of The Oaks annual production on a big stage.  Because of that I decided to enroll him in theatre classes at Chicago Street Theatre when he was 5 years old. He loved every moment, and we were so pleased when the theatre decided to hire a very talented and experienced teacher, Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano, to head the Education Department.  We both immediately fell in love with her and the method and content she chose to use in her classes.

Trey is now 14 and has flourished at CST, performing in 20 productions there and at his school.  He has definitely taken advantage of his classes with Lisa, soaking up all she has to offer, improving tremendously over the years.

I, too, have benefitted from classes offered by Lisa for adults.  I have been fortunate to work closely with Lisa on a number of productions and have witnessed first hand how she guides the actors to find their characters, instilling their own creativity.  She approaches each class and production with love, humor, and professionalism putting everyone at ease to get the most out of them.

The theatre and its members are extremely privileged to have Lisa as the Director of Education.  She is teaching the children how to respect the theatre and giving them the best foundation for a future in theatre arts, if they so choose.”

-Kathleen E., Valparaiso

“When our oldest was 9 years old we were looking for venues other than sports for him to participate in our community. During our search, we found Chicago Street Theatre. After reading the class description, we decided to enroll him in his first class. We did not know at the time how much CST would mean to us, not just for and to him, but to our family. He has flourished in a way that we could not have imagined otherwise in an environment suited for growth. The opportunity to not only be out front on stage, but to also Intern as a Lighting Designer has aided in his confidence, creativity and ability to critically think. Now at 16, he has grown immensely under the tutelage of his teacher Lisa and his lighting/sound mentor Marsha. He has had the privilege to have a little bit of himself revealed each time while working with the Directors on plays he has been involved whether it was on stage or in the booth. It has been his home away from home where he has made amazing friends and mentors we call family. Thank you CST!”

-Kimberly Q., Valparaiso

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