Aug 17—Sept 1, 2018 | NOW CLOSED

by Christopher Durang | directed by Aaron Breford

The Actor's Nightmare: This hilarious spoof details the plight of a stranger who is suddenly pushed on stage to replace an ailing actor. The play was inspired by the well-known dream that many people in the theatre have, in which they must go perform in a play that they have inexplicably never been to rehearsals for, and for which they know neither the lines or the plot.

Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You: This bitingly irreverent and uproariously funny satire aims its barbs at organized religion, and strikes home with hilarious results. Sister Mary Ignatius, a teaching nun who is much concerned with sin in all of its various forms, delivers a cautionary lecture to her charges.


The Actor's Nightmare

Justin Treasure as George Spelvin
LuAnne Pezel as Meg
Mary DeBoer as Sarah Siddons
Erin Sharpe as Dame Ellen Terry
Bill Carns as Henry Irving

Sister Mary Explains It All For You

LuAnne Pezel as Sister Mary
Harry McMurtrey as Thomas
Bill Carns as Gary Sullavan
Mary DeBoer as Diane Symonds
Erin Sharpe as Philomena Rostovich
Justin Treasure as Aloysius Busiccio -

From Pizza to Prime Rib

Dining, Directions, Parking, and More. 

Opening Night

Friday, August 17 at Misbehavin' Meads