May 25 - June 9, 2012 | Now Closed
By Resident Playwright Jim Henry
Directed by Traci Brant and Jonni Pera

Chicago Street Theatre is thrilled to share resident playwright Jim Henry's (The Angels of Lemnos, 7th Monarch, Backwards in High Heels) latest work with audiences for the first time. While undergoing a psychiatric evaluation as a result of a shocking family tragedy, the events of Leonard Street's life and his Cherokee heritage unfold. Can his blood brothers rescue him from spiraling out of control? Or is he the one saving them?


Johnathan:  Jordan Chaddock
Wohali: Tim Gleason
Leonard: Josh Eggleston
Wilma: Caroline Rau Geldernick
Dr. Albert:  David Pera
Ensemble: Marcia Gienapp


Jim's first play, THE ANGELS OF LEMNOS (first produced at Chicago Street Theatre), has been presented throughout the US and in Australia. ANGELS premiered at Chicago Dramatists where Jim is a Resident Playwright and won Chicago’s Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Work. The play ran for five months in Los Angeles receiving an L.A. Times Critic's Choice, rave reviews from Variety, and a Robby Award for Best New Play. His follow-up play THE SEVENTH MONARCH is the winner of three playwriting awards: Plays for the 21st Century (Dallas, TX), DramaRama 2000 (San Francisco, CA), and The Panowski Award (Marquette, MI). Jim's most recent play BACKWARDS IN HIGH HEELS (first produced at Chicago Street Theatre) opened in LA to rave reviews. Jim's other plays include BUSTING THE FENCE, MAIRZY DOATS, JELLOFISH, and A WORTHY CHOICE.

His Screenwriting credits include: YOUNG AGAIN, MOON SHADOWS, THE SEVENTH MONARCH and THE ANGELS OF LEMNOS. MOON SHADOWS was a winner in the Final Draft Screenplay Competition. THE ANGELS OF LEMNOS won Third Place at the Hollywood Film Festival and was a finalist in the Sundance Feature Film Project two years in a row. Jim has optioned two screenplays with Producer Ian Bryce (Transformers I & II, Savings Private Ryan, Spiderman, Almost Famous). Jim is an actor and writer in Northwest Indiana and is a Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatists and Chicago Street Theatre. Jim and his wife, Dona, have been married thirty-three years and are blessed with eight children and five grandchildren.