Patron shares her enthusiasm for CST

Posted by Heather Pflug, Director of Marketing

Joanne Dahlin, one of our loyal subscribers this season, is still riding high from seeing The Sound of Music last Friday.

Dahlin, along with her friends Pat German, Joan Patlyk, and Carol Jervis, are season ticket holders who purchased their packages last August during Chicago Street’s Denim & Diamonds season preview event.

It was at that event that CST Chairman Jonni Pera gave Dahlin her phone number and encouraged the patron to call after each performance with her comments.

Pera wasn’t sure she would ever hear from her. But Dahlin, a former teacher, took the assignment seriously and has graciously called after Dracula and now The Sound of Music to share her personal critiques.

We are happy to report that Dahlin and her friends have gushed over their CST experiences.

“The play was excellent,” Dahlin reported about The Sound of Music.  “The cast’s timing was great, and the expressions on their faces were just fantastic. They were so believable. Even the little one (Gretl)!

“The energy levels, my goodness, were wonderful. You could see the enthusiasm of every person on that stage. They looked like they were enjoying the performance themselves.

“The kids were darling. The love they projected, you could see it. They worked so well together. I can’t believe that anyone would walk away from there and not have the warm fuzzies.”

Dahlin’s group attended the gala after the show at Strongbow and was able to meet and talk with the cast members. “We raved to them!”

Dahlin would highly recommend becoming a season ticket holder. Not only does she enjoy the show selections, she also loves the venue.

 “You’re so close that you get so absorbed in the play that’s being presented. You feel like you’re right there on stage with them. There’s a real closeness between the audience and the actors.

“I prefer coming here over Chicago theaters where you’re so far away that the performers look like marionettes.”

So Dahlin will keep returning to Chicago Street, enjoying the plays and jotting down her thoughts on a notepad in the dark as she watches.

“You just can’t wait to come back!”

The Great Switch!

Amazing!!! Who would believe that on Wednesday night CST would host a costume party for Halloween and our final performance of Dracula, and then turn around strike that set right after the final curtain.  Finally, over this past weekend, members constructed the full set for our upcoming production of  The Sound of Music.  Wow!

There are a lot of people who made this all possible…. the cast and crew of Dracula worked late into the night Wednesday to strike their set. Thank you sooo much for such a great run and for all your extra work!!! We truly appreciate you all.  Kudos to Jobeth (director) for a superb job!!!

And then we moved on this weekend to construct the set for Sound of Music…..a lot of hard work and again we appreciate each of you.  Special shout out to Jim Henry who took the lead carpenter role this weekend… thank God for that because on Saturday the group that gathered lacked skills in that area. Also we need to thank Eric and Traci Brant (as well as little Lauren and Nick). They gave a full weekend of work even as Traci’s Dad was discharged from the hospital after major heart surgery. It took some juggling but you guys made it happen!

The crew was upbeat and I think we had a pretty great time. Thanks to Stan Christianson, Mike Strayer, Karl Berner, Matt Stinnett, Daena Sisk, and Richard Castleton.

I know this fast turn over happens a lot in the theatre world…. we've seen it plenty of times. But when we pull it off and have fun too….That’s something!!! Thanks to all who helped. And if you are wishing you could be a part of the excitement, watch facebook, the blog, or our emails as we get set to paint our fine set. Hope to see you all soon!

 Jonni Pera, Chairman of CST

The Sound of Music Cast Announced!

We are beyond thrilled by the nearly 150 children and adults who joined us for The Sound of Music auditions. Directors Kristen DeBoer and Craig Golbesky faced a very difficult decision because there were soooo many incredible singers and actors. Thank you to everyone who shared their talent with us and congratulations to the 2012 cast of The Sound of Music.

Maria-Christine Marilyn Parry

Captain von Trapp-Richard Castleton

Mother Abbess-LuAnne Pezel

Liesl-Jessica Rodriguez

Friedrich-Daniel Barajas

Louisa-Maddie Blaney

Kurt-Jack Schwartz

Brigitta-Ruthanne Marfoe

Marta-Isabel Blaney

Gretl-Maddi Ames

Rolf-Andrew Flasch

Elsa-Dana Samardzich

Max-Matt Stinnett

Sister Berthe/Frau Schmidt-Andrea Bertsch

Sister Margaretta/Maria u/s-Kate Stevick

Sister Sophia-Daena Sisk

Franz-Rande Dawson

Ursula/Nun Chorus-Mallory Hela

Baroness Elberfeld/Nun Chorus-Allison Michna

Nun Chorus: Heather Ames, Joy Hathaway

Men's Chorus: Nathan Hendrix, Zache Smith