A Season 59 Sampler

One of my favorite things about the start of a new season is "Denim and Diamonds", or what CST is now calling, the "Season Preview Party."  It is always such an entertaining, low pressure event! I have worked this event for the past few years in a multitude of ways...serving patrons in the lobby, selecting scenes for the staged readings, picking actors, writing scripts, blocking and directing. But my absolute favorite contribution is designing the sound and creating the final product with fellow member and friend, Karl Berner.

For the last few years, I have had the opportunity to pick the music that introduces each of the staged reading selections, and to provide voice-over summaries for all of the plays to be staged at Chicago Street for the current season.  I have a particular fondness for trying to find just the right piece of music to introduce each selection, and my perfectionism can sometimes rear its ugly head, leading me to spend hours choosing something that ends up being roughly thirty seconds of a song with a lot of it being only played as underscore.  

It is only after all the music is chosen that I work on adding in the voiceover script.  This can also be a time-consuming process--with edits often occuring during the actual recording when I realize something I have written is a full-blown tongue twister (or at least it is for me).

It also takes Karl and I a bit longer than it probably should to record the sound script---mainly due to all the fits of laughter.  He has amassed quite an inventory of blooper sound bites over the last few years because of my nervous shenanigans.  After recording the scripted summaries with the music added in between, Karl works his audio magic and smoothes everything out, making me sound far better than I would 'live'.  It is always a proud moment for us to hear the finished product live, with a packed audience, and wonderful actors setting the stage (pun intended) for the next season.

Please join us for this free event (RSVP here on Punchbowl) and get a taste of what is in store for the 59th season at Chicago Street Theatre!

-Nancy Haller