Grammy-winning Rocker Jim Peterik Returns to One Night Jam Stage

Yep.  I'm excited about this show.  Jim Peterik, a legend in the music world, finally gets to come back to Chicago Street Theatre for another One Night Jam.

Except this time, instead of the big "County Stage" production, we're trying something much different.  It will be an intimate acoustic evening with a master songwriter and storyteller.  You'll get to hear JP tell the stories behind his biggest hits, and then play them.   Stripped down, just a man and his guitar.

Personally, I can't wait.  Jim's first appearance on our stage back in 2001 proved to be one of our most popular shows, as did his five return appearances right up through the final ONJ in February of 2007.  So, when I decided to start things up again, JP was a natural.  Not to mention that first gig in 2001 paved the way for what has become a great friendship with Jim and his wife, Karen.  And that friendship has blossomed into many other musical friendships over the years, including many artists who have graced our stage including Larry Millas of The Ides Of March, Toby Hitchcock, Lisa McClowry, Jeff Boyle, Cathy Richardson and Kevin Chalfant.  And Mike Aquino, who I had the distinct pleasure of booking into our Edie's Attic series this year so he could strut his own material.  And then I introduced Mike to Dan Navarro, another musical partnership that's working out beyond our expectations.  And several new ones who I hope to see on our stage in the coming year.

That's why I can't wait.  It's more than just the music - and what music it is! - it's about family, about friends.  I was a fan of Peterik's music long before I became his friend.  And that is something that has never changed. I can listen to "Eye Of The Tiger" over and over again and never get tired of it.  Or "Vehicle." Or the 38 Special songs.  Or Pride of Lions.  It's all good. 

Come see why everyone wants to play music at CST.  It's a great room, full of respect for the artist, respect for the songs.  The performers love us, and we love them.

---Paul Braun, Director/Production Manager
One Night Jam Concert Series