One Night Jam Brings a Taste of Moscow to Valpo

In October of 2011, we re-started our "One Night Jam" concert series by bringing Russian/American singer/songwriter Marina V to our newly-remodeled Edith Wood studio theatre. It was a great experience, both for the audience and for Moscow-born Marina and her husband Nick.  

On Sunday, April 14th Marina and Nick will be returning, only this time to the main stage downstairs, touring in support of her brand-new album, "Inner Superhero." 

"We're both really excited to be coming back to CST," Marina told me.  "You've been so supportive of our music, we look forward to playing there again."

Marina's voice ranges from quiet and introspective to soaring and powerful, just like her songs.  If you need someone to compare her to, think of either Tori Amos or Amy Lee of Evanescence, but with a much more melodic, pop-oriented flavor.  Verenikina (her actual last name) is a classically-trained pianist, and the show would be worth the ticket price simply to hear her play.

But it's her voice and the songs she writes with Nick that are the real shining stars of any performance.  So much so that her fans have completely funded her last two albums, and they do it gladly.  I know my wife and I kicked in twice - we love her music that much.

She's played concerts around the globe to critical acclaim. and we're lucky enough to have her stop at our theatre again.  Check the concert page for more information and videos of Marina.

One Night Jam is another side of Chicago Street Theatre.  Roughly once a month throughout the year, we bring some of the finest singer/songwriters in the world to our comfortable, intimate little theatre.  ONJ is all about respect.   Respect for the songs, respect for the artist, respect for the audience.  It's very different than the club scene - people aren't milling around, talking, often louder than the band.  This is a chance to truly appreciate what the artist is bringing, and, believe me, they appreciate you right back.

If you saw Marina in 2011, please tell all your friends about what they missed.  If you've never seen her before, please trust me on this.  Marina is as talented as she is charming, and you will come away a new fan.  Live music is just another form of theatre - come experience this other side of Chicago Street Theatre.


--  Paul Braun, Production Manager
One Night Jam Concert Series