NANCY DREW Cast Announced

Huge thanks to all who auditioned for Nancy Drew: Girl Detective!  Director Kari-Anne Innes is pleased to announce the cast for this upcoming family-friendly production.

Nancy Drew: Megan Bentley
Carson Drew: Dennis Murray
Miss Willoughby/Tammi Whitlock: Riley O'Neil
Hamilton Spencer: Joshua Ganz
Margo Spencer: Angela Wehner
Emily Spencer: Julia Michaels
Bob Simpson: Brian Kogut
George Fayne: Britt Brice
Bess Marvin: Caitlyn Fields
Ned Nickerson: Kyle Kristoff
Emmet "Cally" Calhoun: Tony Thomas
Chief McGinnis: Lisa Davison
Bushy Trott: Michael Thomas
Tom Tozzle: Elijah Sanbourin
Yvonne: Mallory Gall
Phyllis: Abby Hazlett
Ivy: Jillian Davison
Ulric: Connor Phutawon
Otto: Nathan Kirk
Jamie: Sophie Burns
Ballerina puppet/featured dancer: Amanda Gardin
Witch puppet/featured dancer: Paloma Calvin
Harlequin puppet/featured dancer: Elli Bezotte
Nancy Drew puppet/featured dancer: Gracie Ault

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