Wash, Dry, Fold in Rehearsal

We have begun our journey into Wash, Dry, Fold. There is extra excitement amongst the actors and crew since this is a new work. What we bring to this show will set a standard of excellence we hope! Rehearsal has consisted of blocking and establishing the New Orleans "Yat" accent. Although geographically in the South, the accent is similar to a New York Bronx accent.

Trai and I have directed new works before. Nedra, the playwright, has been terrific to work with and quite responsive. We have worked through the script, some initial rewrites, and cast members are bringing life to their characters. 

The set is not easy. The story takes place in a laundromat, so of course, set pieces such as washers and dryers are integral. We enjoy a good challenge and after this weekend feel like we have a handle on the set. We still have LOTS of work to do, but after some drama this Sunday we had some friends step up and boy are we thankful! 

We are anxious to start rehearsals again. We will be off book by mid week and may need to pick up some weekend rehearsals, but this cast and crew aren't afraid of the work!
-Jonni Pera, Director