My Artistic Heart

My artistic heart was exposed for all to see in the middle of downtown Valpo last night as Hamlet took the stage in front of over a thousand people. If I am perfectly honest, I felt very vulnerable seeing their faces pointed toward the stage in anticipation. I can only imagine the emotions of the actors as they walked through the crowd to take their places backstage. Artists take such huge personal risks to bring a story to life and there is no greater risk for us at Chicago Street than these performances in the park.  The actors rose to the occasion and fed off the energy of the crowd. The production is not truly complete until that moment when the audience shares in the story with you. The audience helps elevate the performances in this indescrible way. Every one of the actors on stage last night performed with more committment and energy than ever before. My artistic heart was very full last night.

I am out of time for now as I must get to the park for set-up. Again tonight, we'll take the leap of faith that live theatre demands and I hope there are many in the audience there to leap with us!

posted by Traci Brant, CST Artistic Chair and Hamlet Director