The Legendary Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb, the oldest of thee children, grew up in Royston, Georgia where his father taught him the value of hard work by setting an example in his professional career in education and politics--failure was never an option for his father or him.

Ty Cobb was deemed the greatest baseball player of all time in a 1942 survey. Through the years, there have been many baseball greats who have merited this same title. However, Cobb stands out from other greats in the game in that he is considered a legend.

Known as the Georgia Peach, Cobb is truly a great with stats that show reason why “According to the Elias Sports Bureau during his 24 seasons, most with the Detroit Tigers and a couple with the Philadelphia Athletics, Cobb compiled a .367 batting average, the highest in the history of the game. He is the leader in runs scored 2,245, and was the all time hit leader until the mid 1980’s when Pete Rose eclipsed him. In 1993, Ty Cobb became the first inductee of baseball’s Hall of Fame, earning 222 out of a possible 226 votes.” (Ty Cobb Inc.) 

Cobb was known for his extreme perseverance to play and win in the game of baseball under any condition of pain as Grantland Rice describes, “I recall when Cobb played a series with each leg a mass of raw flesh, he had a temperature of 103 and the doctors ordered him to bed for several days, but he got three hits, stole three bases, and won the game. Afterward he collapsed on the bench.” (Ty Cobb Inc.) Cobb took every chance to win injured or not. His determination to go to the extreme to win came with a price. He would at times practice sliding bases till his legs were raw. He would hike through deep winter snow to strengthen his legs. Cobb did anything he could to get the completive edge.

On July 17, 1961 in Atlanta, Georgia, Ty Cobb died leaving a legacy of incredible statistics behind him; he is widely credited with setting 90 MLB records.  His career and personal life were paved with controversies owing to his surly temperament, racist behavior, and highly aggressive playing style.  Lee Blessing's play, Cobb,explores the man, the myth, and the legend that is Ty Cobb.  

-Toni Hoyle


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