Hamlet Cast Announced!

After much deliberation and some very difficult choices, directors Traci Brant and Jonni Pera are pleased to announce the cast of Hamlet, the 60th season's Shakespeare in the Park production.  They also extend their thanks to all of those who auditioned.  It is greatly appreciated!  We can't do this without our very talented volunteer actors!

  • Justin Treasure as Hamlet
  • David Pera as Claudius
  • Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano as Gertrude
  • Mike Johnson as Polonius
  • Jason Kaplan as Laertes
  • Caity Mullen as Ophelia
  • Dan Matern as the Gravedigger / Player 2
  • Dexter Pritchard as the Ghost
  • Michael Pals as Horatio
  • Glenn Silver as Guildenstern
  • William Carns as Rosencrantz
  • Jim Drader as Osric / Player 3
  • Troy Yeager as Bernardo / Player 1 / Lucianus 
  • Kevin Perry as Marcellus