For a couple of weeks now, I've been peeking in on the rehearsals for Bruce Colville's The World's Worst Fairy Godmother. Don't be confused by the "Worst" in the title because this is a truly delightful production that families are really going to enjoy. Directors KariAnne Innes and Megan Lothimer have assembled a very energetic cast to tell this clever story about a bumbling, but well-meaning fairy godmother who is given one last chance to keep her wand, her wings and her job.
Grace Gass is adorably enthusiastic as Maybelle Clodnowski, the misfit fairy godmother trying to make good and the directors have also made great use of vetran CST character actors Andrea Bertch and Tony Balsamo. Megan Bentley is wonderful as Susan Schwartz, the girl who believes her life is too "perfect" to need a fairy godmother.
The whimsical set designed and built by newcomer Tony Earp is just perfect for this offbeat fairy tale. The rest of the ensemble does great job of keeping the show lively and funny.
Audiences young and old are sure to love this enchanting cast and story when it opens on Friday, August 30 and runs through Saturday, September 14. The engaging and interactive performances make this is the perfect show to introduce young people to the magic of live theatre. Order your tickets now by calling the CST Box Office at 219-464-1636 X1 or online by clicking here.
Families will not want to miss The World's Worst Fairy Godmother!
-Eric Brant, CST Member