CaST Profile: Mary D'Aloisio

This week's featured member has only been involved at CST for three years, but has virtually been a part of every single production since The Heidi Chronicles in 2010. While she definitely a talented artist, her work at the theatre isn't as an actor or designer. She's Mary d' Aloisio who has been a huge advocate for CST through the beautiful production photos she has taken for all our shows.
"Mary's amazing," says member Traci Brant, "She's been photographing CST shows for a while now and she is passionate about our group and the types of shows we produce. As someone who works with the photos to develop graphics for our website, facebook and print material, Mary gives me so much to work with." Brant states that d'Aloisio has given her "pre-press" shots that look like their from the full blown production of the play. "It's difficult with some of the recent pictures for A View from the Bridge to tell which shots were taken before and after that play was up."
Times Entertainment Columnist, Phil Potempa and Community Editor, Annette Arnold both complimented CST on Mary's work. Arnold shared that the recent photos for The Comedy of Errors  were "Just too good not to use."
Mary stated that she really enjoys taking the photos for her CST "peeps" because the actors are generally so accomodating with her asking them to do things that will help create the best images to represent the play. "They tend to be less self conscious than models I work with for my other photography gigs," she says, " I also learn a lot from doing the production photos that I can use with other photography assignments by working with the lighting designers and directors here." She also commented that she has liked being able to take photographs of lots of different types of shows.
Although she has enjoyed working with all of her work with the theatre, some of d'Aloisio's favorite CST assignments have been with the group's productions of The Cherry Orchard and American Rex. She added, "The sets, lighting, and costumes for Cherry Orchard just worked so well together to create really beautiful imagery and American Rex was so dark, moody and edgy. It's so awesome when I can capture those elements of a play... Or maybe I just have a thing for Bob Cooley (lighting designer)"
Mary said that she loves that CST is such a family of artists who are so open to taking risks to make the best product. "People here trust me even though I come in to photograph them with all these piercings and tats. There's no judgement here, we're just passionate about making great art."
We are lucky to have such a talented artist and professional donating her time with CST!