Chicago Street Theatre's new Chairman, Jim Drader, stated at a recent Board meeting that he would like each member to look at their involvement with the organization and where they can "step it up." With an event as big as the current production of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors, Drader says that it is important that the public see the faces of CST and the type of quality productions we produce and the strength of our volunteers.
"Too often, I think, our members are looking at things from the aspect that someone else will take care of things because we have some paid staff or because they're coming to see a show," said Drader. "The reality of it is too much work is falling on the shoulders of the same people all the time, and for something like Shakespeare in the Park or the new season of shows, that can't be the way we operate." 
The Chairman says that two was that members can become more involved are either financially or by donating time. He understands that while not everyone has the ability to write a check, volunteering time is really the more important of the two. Jim stated, "Most members of our group really love being in shows or partying afterwards. I believe if we have time to do that, we can make time to be part of the group in other ways."
First Vice Chairman, Jonni Pera states, "We need to strengthen our core membership again, especially now with events the size of Shakespeare in the Park. Things are only getting bigger, and if we're to continue growing and moving forward, we need our people to get us there." Pera is also trying to prepare for how busy paid staff like Box Office Manager, Mike Hite will get with the holiday double feature that will be happening and other events that are planned for CST's 59th season. "When we say: All Hands On Deck; we mean it," said Pera.
Kelly Hite still needs help for Shakespeare in the Park and the crew for The Comedy of Errors also needs volunteers to assist with putting up and taking down the set tonight. The set will return to Chicago Street where it will be put up once more for the remaining performances at the theatre. "Come down," says Drader, "We can certainly make use of anyone who's available."