CaST Profile: Daena Sisk or, If it aint Dutch, it aint much

"If it aint Dutch, it aint much" is the family philosophy of this CST member who began her stint with us in our 2009 production The Triumph of Love. English teacher, Daena Sisk has been a very busy lady this past year with appearances in A Midsummer Night's DreamDracula, The Sound of Music, and American Rex. She continues to demonstrate

In addition to her nine appearances with CST, Daena teamed up with her good friend Barb Malangoni to co-direct our 2012 production of The Cherry Orchard. "That was a great experience," she said, "everyone was so committed to delivering a great show."

Although she has worked with other theatre groups on other shows, she shared that what she loves about Chicago Street is the "risks" we take in giving audiences new works and material that "challenges" her to make her a better performer. Daena added that "most" of her closest friends are at CST and how she likes having the opportunity to work with them on different projects. "We as a group find a nice balance between doing good work and still having a good time." She said that she also likes having the ability to welcome in new people and learn from veteran members of our group.

Daena admitted that she is often "amazed" by the "theatre magic" that always seems to happen during the rehearsal process of a show. "There's always this point where you think this show will never be ready," she said, "and then somehow it opens and it's better than you could have ever imagined." She stated it is the collaborative process of making art that continues to excite her about doing theatre when she isn't teaching, working a summer job, or playing Softball. Sisk loves that "No one's an island in what we do, because there's always support."