This Play is Not the Truth

Director Ed Griffith shares his thoughts on tonight's opening of A Picasso in the Edith B. Wood Studio Theatre.

We all know that Art is NOT truth

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth

- Pablo Picasso

This play is not the truth. It is rooted in history, biographical facts, and quotations by its famous subject. But as far as anyone knows, this encounter never actually occurred. That the author weaves so many themes about art, war, guilt, betrayal, responsibility and love in a single room with 2 actors and only 80 minutes is a miracle of economy. When my partner-in-crime, Deb, brought this play to my attention, I immediately wanted to direct it. But I also knew it wasnít exactly appropriate for the Genesius Guild space. So when the opportunity arose to open a new studio theatre at Chicago Street, there was never a second choice in my mind. This was the perfect space for this play.

I hope audiences enjoy the twists and turns that this roller-coaster of a play takes us on. This play should make you think, discuss ideas, and be shocked. But most of all, audiences will be entertained. So I hope you will join us in the new Wood Studio Theatre and enjoy the ride that is A Picasso.