15 Years on Chicago Street. A Look Back

Our production of The Graduate opened April 12. The movie The Graduate came out in 1967. In April 1967 CTG was performing the last play of their 12th season, Mr. Roberts, which opened April 16, 1967.

At the same time, and for several months after that play closed, the Community Theatre Guild was in the process of remodeling the Memorial Opera House, putting in a new floor, new seats, and a new light board. It was the biggest project CTG had undertaken since we had begun 12 years before.

At that time – May 1955 – we were cleaning, scrubbing, and repairing the Memorial Opera House to get ready for the opening of Papa Is All, our very first play.  Our continued care and use of the building removed the specter of a wrecking ball from its future.

When CTG was preparing to open our first play at Chicago Street Theatre – Greater Tuna – we did a lot of rearranging, but the building was in great shape. 

A Narthex became a lobby:

A nursery became storage, and eventually the wood shop:

All this work was done in 10 days time – April 1 to April 11, 1998.  Obviously, all hands were on deck!  CTG appreciates its volunteers so much that there is a special acknowledgement on our Achievement  plaque, the Wood Award , that says “THE NEW ERA – All Helping Hands”.  Our volunteers continue to be our most prized asset.  Further reminiscences will be forthcoming in the near future.

-Posted by CST Historian Marcia Burbage