The Graduate Opening Festivities

Last Friday, The Graduate opened to a packed house! After more than 6 weeks of rehearsal, it is always such a cathartic moment to finally share the production with audiences. As patrons entered the lobby, they were greeted by a 60's soundtrack put together by director Mary Bird.  She wanted the audience to be brought immediately into Charles Webb's iconic 1960's world. Other period touches included gorgeous costumes in a monochromatic palette complete with stylish hair and makeup.  The set also added to the atmosphere with its clean lines, horizontal shafts of light, and transformative properties. To the delight of the audience, the actors brought the biting comedy and rich characters to life on stage. 

After the show, patrons headed to the after-party hosted by downtown Valpo's Bon Femme Cafe. They could be overheard chatting about the "technical marvel of the glowing bed," the "best soundtrack of the season," and "terrific acting by everyone." Bon Femme's Keith Gurley provided an incredible celebration for the patrons, cast and crew. There were delicious shared plates of spring rolls, stuffed mushrooms, tortellini, and more.  The guests also had a large selection of wine, beer, and spirits from which to choose.  

A wonderful evening was had by all! We look forward to the next two weekends of The Graduate.  

-Posted by Artistic Chair Traci Brant