Texting with Director-Designer Martin Weisenbacher

Posted by Artistic Chair Traci Brant

Martin Weisenbacher is a man of few words.  As I observed him direct at The Graduate dress rehearsal last night, he was incredibly focused and intent on making his vision a reality. He rushed around putting final touches on the set until just moments before the first scene began. During the run, he feverishly took notes and moved around the auditorium to take in the work from different vantage points. His passion and intensity for this work is palpable. CST is lucky to have him on this project.  

Marty, in addition to directing, is also the set designer for The Graduate.  He was kind enough to share a few... and, I do mean few... words with us about the set via text:

What excited you about working on the set for The Graduate?
I love teaming up with Mary Bird on shows. We have the same type of mind-set creatively.

What was your vision when you started the set design?
I focused on painting the stage with light so the set is designed to facilitate that.

What were some of the challenges of designing this set?
Trying to figure out how to depict all the different locations in the play in one confined area.

What are your favorite aspects of this particular set?
I loved building the Murphy bed and the louvered panels.

What do you think will most stand out to the audience when they see the set?
The minimalism.

Were there any advantages to creating this set on the CST stage?
The supportive effort of the CST members assisting with the build.

How important are CST volunteers when building a set?
Mel McColley was invaluable to us. His years of experience and willingness to help with anything was our biggest asset.