Introducing the SPARK Program

Posted by Jonni Pera, Board Chair and SPARK volunteer.

Saturday, March 16th was an exciting day at CST. We began our SPARK program, SPecial ARtists Kollaboration. Fulfilling our mission to reach out to the whole community, we have begun a theatre program to include artists with special needs. And we were wowed by the small group that attended!!

Lisa Formosa-Parmiagano, our Director of Education, led this theatre workshop based on her basic theatre education curriculum. The group of 5 young women met and discussed their background and desire to be creative. We toured the building including the rehearsal studio, sound and light booth, the make-up and green room, the paint room, and lighting room, and also the costume room. They all agreed they really enjoyed the costume room where they got to try on wigs and fur coats. They also enjoyed trying out the follow spot and seeing where the actors put on their costumes and make-up before a show.

We returned to the rehearsal studio to ‘play’ some theatre games.  The final game was getting to select a character hat and becoming that character as they interacted with Lisa.

As a helper for the day, I must say I left the theatre excited and happy! The group thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the theatre and have a chance to act the part of their hats. “This was a really special day! I loved getting to be a part of the theatre!” Kitty stated as she left CST.

“We want to come for another theatre class!!” was a comment heard from more than one of the students.

Lisa and I both agree, “This class was so rewarding!”