Cast Lists Announced

Chicago Street Theatre held its Spring/Summer 2013 open auditions last weekend.  We were thrilled by the incredible number of talented actors/actresses who came out to read. As is often the case, we had more talented artists than we had roles to fill. Thank you so much for making the audition a huge sucess.  We are pleased to announce the cast lists for the remaining productions in our 2012/13 season.

The Graduate

Dean Perrine as Benjamin Braddock

Glenn Silver as Mr. Braddock

Danielle Karczewski as Mrs. Braddock

Chuck Gessert as Mr. Robinson

Barbara Malangoni as Mrs. Robinson

Megan Lothamer as Elaine Robinson

Lynette Kucharski as the Stripper

Kimberly Meyne as the Waitress

Jeff Schultz as the Hotel clerk and the Priest

Jim Drader as the Psychiatrist

Patricia Schulz as the Receptionist 

Ensemble: Rodney Thornton, Mary Jo Nuland, Kirby Thomas

A Picasso

Maggie Reister-Walters as Miss Fischer

Larry Hinken as Pablo Picasso

A View from the Bridge

John Larrabee as Eddie Carbone, a longshorman

Heather Chaddock as Catherine, the niece of Eddie and Beatrice

Dona Henry as Beatrice, wife of Eddie and aunt of Catherine

Timothy Gleason as Marco, cousin of Beatrice

Josh Eggleston as Rodolpho, Beatrice's cousin from Italy

Jim Henry as Alfieri, an Italian-American lawyer

T.J. Aubuchon as Mike, a longshoreman and friend of Eddie's, and 2nd Immigration Officer

Rodney Thornton as Louis, a longshoreman and friend of Eddie's

Jim Drader as Tony, a friend of the Carbones, and 1st Immigration Officer 

Mark McColley as Mr. Lipari, a butcher who lives upstairs from the Carbone's

Patricia Schulz as Mrs. Lipari, the upstairs neighbor of the Carbone's

The Comedy of Errors

Eric Brant as Actor 1: The Twin Brothers, Antipholos of Syracuse & Antipholus of Ephesus

Braden Cleary as Actor 2: The Twin Servants, Dromio of Syracuse & Dromio of Ephesus

Patricia Bird as Actor 3: Adriana, Antipholos of Ephesus' Wife, the Boatswain, and an Angry Merchantess.

Peyton Daily as Actor 4: Luciana, (Adriana's Sister), Luce, (the kitchen wench who is married to Dromio of Ephesus), the Towncrier and The Executioner.

Grant Fitch as Actor 5: roles TBA

Mark Baer as Actor 6: roles TBA

Dan Matern as Actor 7: roles TBA

Every effort has been made to post accurate information. If you note a mispelling or other error, please accept our apologies.  You may email the webmaster with your correction.  Thank you for understanding!