Meet the Cast: Kaitlin Sarver

KAITLIN SARVER is appearing in her first play at Chicago Street.  She loves acting and being herself.

What character are you playing?

I am part of the ensamble. I play myself. The ensamble isn't just the people in the backround, we have our own story too.

What aspects of your character do you find most interesting?

The aspects of my character, so to speak, is the part I play in the completing of the ensamble story. In the ensamble, I do think you know, there are three girls and only one boy. Ethan dates one girl only for the dances and dumps her after them just so he can be with me. I find it very hard to try to stay very close friends with Delany, the girl being dated for the dances, when I end up taking and liking her guy. 

What do you find most interesting about the play?

I think the most interesting thing about the play is that it is so simalar to being a real life situation for a group of kids in the 60's. The fact that the play shows that who likes who can lead to some very important things.

What has been most challenging for you as you have prepared for this play?

I think the most difficult thing for me in this play is thrying to get my notes down and knowing who I'm with in scenes.

What has been the most rewarding?

Most rewarding for me is the friendships I've made with my cast. I can really be myself around them without being thought of as the guffy silly girl. All of my cast members are silly in a way you can barely emagine. We laugh so hard we cry.

 What can audiences expect when they come to see this show?

When audiences come to see the show, they should expect a tear jerking, funny, amazing story. It's not one of those plays where you watch it and afterwards you think, "oh yea, that was a good play.", You will leave thinking of mabe, of some old frineds,what life is really about. And some may think, "Wow, the good times in life really do count more than I thought."

What are your thoughts on Chicago Street Theatre and the opportunities it provides for teen actors?

I love the fact that there are opertunities for us blooming young actors. There arn't many places in Northwest Indiana for young actors and their talents. It really helps us become more of who we want to be and it helps us with early expereance for later on careers.