Meet the Cast: Hanna Standerski

HANNA STANDERSKI is in her final year of high school and her third production at CST.  

What character are you playing?

I play the socially awkward Kirstin Sabo.

What aspects of your character do you find most interesting?

The characteristic I find most interesting about her has to be her naivete. That's also the biggest challenge with being her; I find it difficult to act like I comprehend less than I do in real life.

What do you find most interesting about the play?

This play really takes a look at the universal dilemmas of teenagers that, despite the decade, never change. Now adding in the social events and difficulties of 1968, it's interesting to see how they all play together.

What has been most challenging for you as you have prepared for this play?

Overall, the biggest challenge would be making decisions and choices about the character. Each line has various doors that could be opened, and it's not always a right-or-wrong decision when choosing.

What has been the most rewarding?

The people in this show are the most rewarding parts. Every member of this production from cast to crew has a crazy personality and huge energy, and being able to work with that is simply amazing.

 What can audiences expect when they come to see this show?

Audience...expect moments of utter brilliance. The whole show is entertaining and witty, but every now and then - at least for me - something gets said or something is done that leaves you awestruck and saying "wow."

What are your thoughts on Chicago Street Theatre and the opportunities it provides for teen actors?

It's difficult being a teenager in the theatre world. There are little options and few opportunities to play roles for your age. At Chicago Street Theatre, though, there's classes and at least one play that highlights the teen age group, so teen actors really get the chance to get deep into acting and theatre.