Meet the Cast: Juna Johnson

JUNA JOHNSON is a freshman at Washington Township High School.  This is her fourth production at CST, but she has been in many classes and workshops.

What character are you playing?

I am a part of the ensemble in this production.

What aspects of your character do you find most interesting?

I find the background history very interesting. Even though all of the important things are happening in our country, people still find time to worry about their own problems and differences.

What do you find most interesting about the play?

Developing the character that I play has been somewhat challenging. I basically started from scratch to know who my character is, what she is doing, and why she is doing it.

What has been most challenging for you as you have prepared for this play?

The most challenging part about preparing for this play has been getting into the right mindset to play Harley. While I can relate to him on many levels, he's still a juvenile delinquent. He's the polar opposite of me. I've never gone so far as to look at a teacher funny, whereas Harley spits in the face of authority. He deals with his anger and stress so differently... he explodes from all his pent up negative emotions. I like to think I'm a bit more cuddly than that.

What has been the most rewarding?

Getting to know the cast that I'm in has been very rewarding. Not only have I met wonderful people, but as I get to know and bond with them it makes it so much easier to work with them. We all make each other feel comfortable about what we're doing, and that's very important.

What can audiences expect when they come to see this show?

Audiences should expect to come out of the show deep in thought. This show isn't something that you just watch. Throughout the whole show, you will be thinking about the decisions and consequences that we see in The Less Than Human Club, and even in real life.

What are your thoughts on Chicago Street Theatre and the opportunities it provides for teen actors?

Chicago Street Theatre is your go to place if you are a teen interested in acting. Not only is there a teen show, but there are also many classes that you can take, to learn how to enhance your acting abilities. Chicago Street is one of the only theaters that offer these classes, and they are by far the best classes that you could take in the region.