Meet the Cast: Chloe Hoeksema

CHLOE HOEKSEMA managed to stay behind the scenes at CST for nearly a year before making her stage debut in The Less Than Human Club

What character are you playing?


What aspects of your character do you find most interesting?

I find her ability to deal with how people think of her admirable.

What do you find most interesting about the play?

I find the way in which it deals with major issues and events of the late 1960's in an everyday environment most interesting.

What has been most challenging for you as you have prepared for this play?

The most challenging aspect of preparing for this play has been learning to keep my mouth shut!

What has been the most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of any play for me is to see the audience's reactions.

What can audiences expect when they come to see this show?

They better expect plenty of laughs and tears when they see this play!

What are your thoughts on Chicago Street Theatre and the opportunities it provides for teen actors?

I very much appreciate the fact that Chicago Street Theatre creates opportunities for not only adult actors but teens as well as children. I think its very rare to find a place in Northwest Indiana that will provide opportunities similar to the one's CST provides.