Top 5 Reasons to Get a Flex Pass

5. You save $ when you buy in bulk--but unlike those Costco oranges, the Flex Pass doesn’t get moldy in a week.

4. Opening Night Galas allow you to sample some of the best restaurants in town while chatting it up with the actors. 

3. Watch shows from the comfort of OUR couch.

2. The FLEX Pass takes the drama out of ticket buying and puts it on stage where it belongs.

And the No. 1 reason...

Box Office Mike says, “Don’t miss this season! Call me--I’ll hook ya up.”

Seriously--why pay $72 to enjoy 4 plays, when you can buy a 4-Flex Pass for $60. PLUS, we waive the per ticket Service Fee when you buy a package. Click on a button below to order your Flex Pass and save! 

Or, give Box Office Mike a call at (219) 464-1636 ext. 1.