'Snow White' set is finished ... ahead of schedule!

Posted by Co-Directors Mary A. Bird & Kelley Weisenbacher

  We are so very excited for Snow White! In just 16 hours and with 6 people, our set is completely constructed and up! Much thanks to Marty "The Mad Scientist" Weisenbacher for his design and execution!
We even had royalty helping us - Snow White and the Prince!

 Now our brilliant scenic artist, Jessie Howe, will take over.  Be on the lookout for a dank, musty, and cold castle, an enchanted and sometimes dark forest, and a lovely warm inviting cottage!
We've never been part of a show where the set has been up in 2 days time! There is definitely some real fairy tale magic afoot down at Chicago Street Theatre.
Stay tuned to our blog for magic spells, trickery, heroes, and humor!