Don't Panic!

posted by Director Eric Brant

This weekend was used to fine tune some of the scenes with A Midsummer Night's Dream's younger group of fairies and the Rude Mechanicals. Saturday, Mel continued, with the help of Mike Strayer and Jason Kaplan, to push forward in getting the walls of the set up and getting the large gear cut out that will serve as a movable bench in the production. Jonni Pera was on hand painting the gears that will be used throughout our scenic design.The set looks amazing and is ready to start getting decked out. Marcia had her team in working on lights and Paul Braun worked with his crew on getting the speakers at Chicago Street ready for the new sound system that will be used on our indoor performances.

Sunday's work crew was Co-director Steve Holm, Katie Yagelski and myself working for about six hours creating the moveable tree units and starting the construction of the gear bench. We were able to move forward on those projects, but because of our meager turnout, there is still so much left to do to have the set ready in just eleven short days. JoBeth, Piper, Jesse and Scott were busy too, with their small crew assembling costume pieces for our large cast. I'm trying to exercise Zacek's first rule of theatre which is "Don't Panic" but it's getting a little overwhelming.

I took vacation time this week to try to get ahead with the production before we go into Tech Week on the 9th. If ANYONE is available this week in the mornings or afternoons before rehearsal we would greatly appreciate any help our cast or other members of Chicago Street could provide. Believe me, if you show up, we'll find something for you to do! We have tons of little projects that will suit whatever your skill level happens to be! "Don't Panic", it's only the biggest project of the year!