And that's why we call it a REHEARSAL....

We discovered last night that the boundary mics just aren't cutting it for picking up the rest of the company.  So, a quick executive session was called, we all huddled and discussed the options, a frantic phone call was made first thing this morning, and Kirby is currently on the road back from the rental house with eleven more channels of wireless mics.

This means that tonight, every actor with a speaking part will be miked.  And it means that I'll be dancing with 19 live microphones, not all on stage at the same time.  Mary DeBoer will be at my side, acting as my spotter, making sure the correct actors are "hot" when they come on stage, and off when they leave.

This changes the game considerably from my side of the world.  But it also means that everyone throughout the park will get to hear all of the actors' hard work.

Stay tuned.

-- Paul Braun, Sound Manager