Announcing the Snow White Cast

What an incredible turnout for auditions! We had nearly 60 children and adults try out for our upcoming production of Snow White. We truly appreciate everyone who read.  It's so encouraging to see the many people interested in participating in live theatre!  If your name is not on the list below (or you missed auditions), and you would like to be involved with the production, please email our Director of Education, Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano. The cast is as follows:

The Mirror - Megan Lothamer

Snow White - Auriel Lark Felsecker

The Queen - Andrea Bertsch

Her Alter-Egos:

    An Old Peasant Woman - Megan Maar

    A Young Princess - Brittany Brice

    A Witch - Patricia Schulz

The Huntsman/The Prince - Mitch Paxton

The Seven Dwarfs:

    Grumpy - Joey Lavalley

    Sleepy - Elijah John Sabourin

    Happy - Mallory Gall

    Dopey - Trey Erny

    Bashful - Nathaniel W. Wasko

    Doc - Connor Boren

    Sneezy - Nathan Kirk

The Queen's Minions - Eden Roberts, Laney Roberts, Xavier Roberts

Woodland Animals -  Madeline Rearick, Ruthann Marfoe, Tegan Werner