The Dream Gets Funny

Well another week of rehearsals has gone by and it seems like the cast has gotten used to the idea that we might not have everyone who's actually in the show until we perform it on the 13th of July. It has been outstanding how our actors have jumped in playing the parts of missing actors or playing off an imaginary cast member whose lines are being read from the house. For the first batch of rehearsals off script the actors did an amazing job with what could have been a week of disasters.

This doesn't by any means indicate that the week was not without an ample share of mishaps and challenges like costumers throwing out their backs or cast members getting stranded in New York. We got through a really tough week with a lot to show for the production. Mel made huge strides on the construction of the set often working by himslef. Our lighting designer Marcia Burbage, also got quite a bit done for the lighting that will be used at Chicago Street and the lighting she is creating for the park. We're still pretty much "ALL HANDS ON DECK" for all of the production aspects of the show if anyone can help.

Daena Sisk as Titania, Aram Arden as Oberon, and Jason Kaplan as Puck.One aspect of the show that I have to admit I was stressed out about was our Thursday night photo shoot scheduled at Central Park Plaza while a Air Force Band concert was being held. The TIMES wanted picture of actors in costumes rehearsing on the stage at the park. This was a little tricky because JoBeth had messed her back up that day and we were missing some of the actors who we thought would represent the show. Fortunately the weather intervened and cleared out the park. We shot the photos in the rain as the Air Force band was packing up their gear with Kelsey Dougherty who plays Helena and Charlie Scanlon who plays Demetrius; two of our pairs of lovers in the show. We grabbed these two troopers in part because their costumes were some of the ones that were mostly finished at the theatre. The saving grace for the photo shoot was that as John Luke from The TIMES was taking their pictures there was all sorts of laughter emerging from the photographer and the remaining band members as Kelsey and Charlie ran their scene. For me it really emphasized how funny, enjoyable and accessible we've made the production. I think it's going to be something that everyone associated it will be very proud of.

There's still so much to get done in this next two weeks, so come on down. We'd love to have you be a part of this dream!