Midsummer Marches On

posted by Director Eric Brant

Well it has been both an awesome and challenging week for Midsummer this week as we are finishing up the blocking for the numerous scenes of the play and actors are starting to come off book with their lines. The challenges have in some part  been with coordinating actors to be at rehearsals. Each week we seem to experience sudden conflicts that have us dealing with actor's work schedules, family emergencies or sickness that prevent them from getting to rehearsal. As we go into the two weeks prior to tech week, we're rehearsing the show more sequentially and will require the majority of the cast to be present.

Another challenge that we currently face is with the set. Our two lead set builders, Mel and Mike, have both been on vacations so we are running behind.  As I've said before, we're celebrating all things "Steampunk" with this production and this requires lots and lots of gears and mechanical pieces. We're making lots of gears to serve as parts of costumes, trees for the forest, and decorative bits so we need lots of people to help with this process. My good friend "Daring" Dan Massa is the crazy man charged with the job of building a very special gear-shaped rolling bench that serves as a centerpiece for the set and transforms into the play's various locations. Dan will need help creating the pattern and building this large moving piece. In addition to Dan, our amazingly talented costumer, JoBeth is hard at work. She and her team need help with the 30 plus costumes they're creating for the show. 

As far as the highlights for the week; I'm ecstatic about the dance our choreographer Julie Roberts has created for the Rude Mechanicals. Watching the clowns really embrace their Bergomask dance was truly a joy. Other outstanding comedic work came from things that Bill and Barb are doing with Theseus and Hippolyta and some extensive scene work we did the Lovers in the show. Our ingenues in this production are anything but boring thanks to the creative collaboration of Karl, Kelsey, Jason, Jasmine, and Charlie! These people are bringing so much to their roles. There are definately cool things happening in rehearsal as the actors start putting down their scripts and really start playing their characters. I'm excited to see what the next week will bring. 

So whether you're in the show or not, come on down these next couple of Sundays as we work together to create some Chicago Street Theatre history with one of our biggest productions ever. You and I will both be glad you did!