It Takes a Village

posted by Director Jonni Pera

Member and Resident Set Master Mel McColleyIt struck me today how lucky we are at Chicago Street Theatre. Each time Trai and I are allowed to take the directing role, I worry just how we can complete the mammoth task. There are so many elements to be fit together….the set, sound, lights, costumes, set decoration, props, and of course the actors and the script.

Trai has already discussed the true gift of working with Jim Henry, our resident playwright, but we have so many other gifted folks who so willingly lend their creative talents to us.

For example, over the weekend we needed some set pieces tweaked. Mel was down to help within the hour. Then Eric Brant came in to look over our work and instantly had a fix for improving one of our props (a turtle shell). Not only did he have ideas, but he was also willing to take the project home to finish it. And Chloe, one of our newest members, decided to practice piano…..a gifted young lady!!! And enjoying terrific piano music is a super way to work on design elements of the show.

Each step of the way we realize what a collaborative process this is. We realize we don’t need to have all the answers. We just need to be willing to listen and problem solve with those around us. We joked that it “takes a village” to produce theatre!