Meet the Actors: Josh Eggleston

Name: Josh Eggleston

Role in Brother of All: Leonard Street

What is your idea of happiness? Having fun with family and friends

What is your idea of misery? When loved ones suffer

What is your greatest fear? Disappointed the people that mean the most. And, death.

What characteristic do you admire in others? Honesty and work ethic

What characteristic do you dislike in others? Deceit, drama

What is your chief characteristic? Fun-loving, outgoing

What is your principle fault? Selfish… forgetting to put others before me at times

What do you do to relax? Drink a beer and watch TV

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite flower? Don’t care

Favorite food? Seafood and Mexican

Favorite drink? Beer… a great microbrew

Favorite swear word(s)? Shit

Favorite author? Don’t have one

Favorite play? The Pillowman and Brother of All

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Tent or luxury hotel? Luxury hotel

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Cake or pie? Pie

Sledding or surfing? Sledding

Standing up or lying down? Lying down

Who is your hero in real life? Parents

Favorite character you have ever played? Groucho Marx (The Cocoanuts), Michael (The Pillowman)

Character you would most like to play? Groucho Marx again

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? Raising a happy, healthy daughter (thus far) and a successful career

If you made up a legend, what would the title be? The Monkey Tale

Favorite thing about working at Chicago Street? The dedication to the art

Favorite line in Brother of All? “You shut your buttfart!”

What is your motto? Live. Laugh. Love.