Worth the Wait

posted by Playwright Jim Henry.

I attended Brother of All rehearsal this past Sunday. First of all, I want to apoogize profusely to Jonni, Traci, and the cast and crew for showing up very late for rehearsal. I got my signals crossed on the start time, and everyone had to wait around for me for an HOUR AND A HALF! Come on JIM! But, it was worth the wait because we had a great rehearsal. I had not been to rehearsal in over a week and was impressed with how far along the production was moving forward with almost 2 weeks left until opening. But as we all know, time marches swiflty in theatre and there are miles to go before we sleep after the opening night Gala. After the rehearsal, I had a very productive meeting with Jonni and Traci regarding the further issues we are having with the script. We hammered out some additional changes, nips and tucks. I am looking forward to seeing how these changes play out. I am in NYC until this Sunday night. I will be back at reharsals on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of Tech Week. I hope to see you all on opening night and at the Gala!!! Break a leg til I see you all Monday!