Fresh Perspective

posted by Director Traci Brant.

Just a quick update before I dash off to my day job meetings in Chicago.  A good solid rehearsal last night. Matt Pera was in to video tape some interviews with us and the cast, as well as a bit of rehearsal footage.  Look for that soon and get a sneak peak of the show.

We worked through the first part of Act 1 last night with some good results. We're trying to home in on character development and add those special "moments" to the piece.  These moments are key to the story telling.  They are markers for the audience.  It's our way of shaping the piece by emphasizing certain dialogue, character interactions, and emotions.  There is still a lot of work to be done in this regard, but we're well on our way.

Jonni and I are really feeling the pressure of putting a new work together. It's hard to even put into words where our brains are at this moment because it feels like a thousand different directions.  We are stuggling to give the actors the feedback and individual attention they need while bringing together the piece as a whole.  

Director of Education Lisa Formosa-Parmigiano was in the house last night to watch. Afterwards, Jonni and I had a long and incredibly helpful discussion with her about the work. She had a fresh perspecitive that really put some things into focus for us.  We want to draw the audience into Leonard's journey and we're not quite there yet. Lisa offered some suggestions about physicality and vocalization that really resonated and we'll work with at tonight's rehearsal.  We also talked in depth with her about Wilma (Leonard's Mother). Playwright Jim Henry himself said that this is perhaps the most difficult role in the play.  Our actress, Caroline, is making great strides and some terrific moments are developing, but there's a lot more to find. Jonni and I haven't been able to devote enough time to exploring Wilma's journey.  Lisa was soooo helpful.  She really helped Jonni and I define what we want that journey to be.  Lisa will be in rehearsal again tonight again tonight, so I look forward to continuing the process with her insights.

Tonight, the last part of Act 1 and bits of Act 2 to work on....