Marching On

posted by Director Jonni Pera. 

The rehearsal process is marching on!!! We made a lot of good progress last night.

Bob and Chloe are continuing to work on lights. Got some scenes set before we start rehearsal. Lots more to come.

Larry Hinken, our Assistant Director, is back from vacation. Thank God for that! We really need him…

Paul Braun, our sound designer is watching rehearsal and working on finding the perfect sound effects and mood music for us….

The actors came in with a great attitude last night. The plan was to run Act 2. Before we hit the stage, we reviewed our notes/pick ups with each actor. Some of these were from our meeting with Jim after rehearsal on Sunday night.

Larry kicked off rehearsal while Trai and I attended the monthly board meeting for CST. Just as I started the meeting Trai came in to say that one of our actors would be unable to make rehearsal. She went down to the stage to help Larry get things organized and running.

The meeting didn’t run long and we were back to what we love to do….direct. We reviewed some scenes and fixed movement. We ran some scenes several times. It helps the actors to get the lines and movements down together.

All in all, a good rehearsal…